Quick Tour of the Village

I live in a village – although it’s probably not what you’re picturing.

Metro Manila and Makati (another major nearby city) are full of high rise apartments. The surrounding areas are full of villages – gated communities that include homes, schools, businesses, churches, and parks.  The villages vary by size, zoning mix,  and income level. Some are hectic – full of tricycles, taxis, street vendors, and fearless pedestrians zipping through it all. (By the way, pedestrians here have zero right of way – drivers here simply do not stop.) The village where I work is like this and I *think* I’m getting used to it. (More posts to come about this artful chaos!)

The village where I live though is much different. Ayala Alabang is what it’s called, and it’s truly a sanctuary. The streets of this 2.5 square mile village are lined with lush, green trees. Take a peak below to see a few pictures that I took during today’s dog walk.

This path crosses over an old creek. Last week we drove a golf cart over it for a quick shortcut, which was probably not a good idea!

The path leads to a small park. People often sit and pray in front of this statue. Today was the first time I saw flowers here.

The park is long and narrow and parallels the creek. My husband grew up here and used to play basketball at this court – he, his friends, and other village kids their age also used to race their cars here. Apparently, the speed bumps – or “humps” as they’re called here – were installed as a result of their antics.

Outer walls of La Salle University – a college located less than a mile from our house

This is my street! On other streets, the tree branches span all the way across, creating a beautiful shady canopy.

More posts to follow about Alabang -there is much to explore within these village walls!


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