Singapore Part 3: A Walk in the Park

One of my travel buddies has a good friend that moved to Singapore. So, one evening, we dropped by her house to grab a quick dinner. Lucky for us, she lives next to Southern Ridges, a series of public parks. (I later learned that this project took about 2 years and $25.5 to complete.) The friend insisted on taking us on a tour – a welcome treat after chowing down on a ridiculously good (and filling!) Chinese-cuisine meal!

Here is the view from the porch of her apartment. Not bad!

We climbed a steep hill to enter our first park: HortPark. This place is actually best visited during the day. It offers 21 themed gardens, like Aquascape, Bamboo Labyrinth, and Butterfly Garden. This is so up up alley and I’d love to go back here one day. (At least we didn’t encounter any dangerous monkeys!)

Next stop: Henderson Waves Bridge. At about 120 feet high, it’s supposed to be the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. But that’s not what’s exciting about it…check out the waves!

We continued walking across Henderson Waves Bridge. (Below us is a busy street.) As you can see, I think it’s a popular date spot!

Ahhh more climbing! At this point, it’s all been uphill. But the view was worth it. This is taken from the top of Mount Faber. The peak is accessible by car – but where’s the fun in that?

After Mount Faber, we started the long hike down via Forest Trek. This is a raised walkway that snakes through a canopy of trees. The walk is about one mile long, and along the way we heard all kinds of chirping and buzzing sounds. Insects? Birds? Rabid monkeys? It was too dark to tell, and I didn’t really want to know…

Every once in while we’d come across stairwells like this – I suppose they were short cuts. I kind of sneaked getting these kids in the shot, just to capture the moment.

Here’s another shot of Forest Trek. I had fun trying to capture all the lights and zig-zagging lines.

Last stop of Southern Ridges: Alexandra Arch – another bridge that crosses another busy road. Like Henderson Waves, it features beautiful curves and brilliant LED lights. We sat on this bridge for awhile, watching the lights change from red, to purple, to blue, to green, and back again.

The combination of state-of-the-art architecture and lush greenery made Southern Ridges another highlight of my trip. Once again, I’d love to go back during the day.

Stay tuned for one final Singapore post, then more Philippine updates!


4 responses to “Singapore Part 3: A Walk in the Park

  1. It looks absolutely amazing Liana! I love being able to live vicariously through you and your blog ~ keep it coming!

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