Time for a Shawarma Adventure!

Deep in the heart of the City of Parañaque, sits this little hidden gem: Shawarma Snack Center.

Shawarma Snack Center

I won’t lie. It’s kind of a grubby place. It’s out of the way and hard to find. (I swear, each time we go, we buzz by a couple times before finding it.) When you finally park your car and walk towards the restaurant, you are likely to encounter a near-hit-and-run by a tricycle and perhaps some offensive smells. But if you dig good, cheap street food – and a little adventure – then this is place is not to miss.

Shawarma Snack Center

It’s an open-air restaurant, cooled only by a single, rickety fan. There are racks of hookah, tea, and other middle eastern delights.

Keep walking to the ordering counter and you’ll pass the sweet gold – the star of the show – the shawarma.

For the unfamiliar, shawarma is made by stacking strips of seasoned, flavorful meat and fat on a rod. The meat is roasted for several hours and rotates in front of a tall flame. Using a knife, the cook shaves off the meat, which is collected into a pita wrap.

Shawarma Snack Center

Shawarma Snack Center does offer seating. I love their quirky centerpieces – “flower” arrangements made out of sea shells.

Within minutes of ordering, your shawarma sandwich arrives, along with two choices of sauce. A spicy/chilly sauce, and a creamy garlic sauce. Always choose the garlic. Always.

For 100 pesos (about US$2), you get this shawarma, a coke, and a very happy belly. And, best of all, it’s open 24 hours a day. In fact, I just might go get some right now after writing this post!

Shawarma Snack Center has two locations. (Sorry, no website!)

Shawarma Snack Center #1
42 President Ave., Brgy. B.F. Homes
Parañaque, Metro Manila

Shawarma Snack Center #1
45 Salas St. Malate
Manila, Metro Manila


12 responses to “Time for a Shawarma Adventure!

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  2. Hi! john from the Book of Pain poetry blog (http://bookofpain.wordpress.com) here. I noticed that you recently started following the blog and I wanted to drop by and say thank you.

    Thank you!

    I love your site! And I absolutely love shawarma and falafels! If you ever get there, my favorite place is Mamoun’s on MacDougal Street, Manhattan, New York City. It too is a little grubby, just a tiny hole in the wall really. But delicious!


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  4. i know this place! it sure is not the best restaurant but it does sell some damn good shawarma. and my god the dip is sooo good!

    • Hi Aldo Hi – sorry for my late reply! I abandoned by blog for awhile! Yes – the shawarma is SOOOO good! I love that it’s open 24 hours. Great for a night after drinking! :)

  5. Tri Mo Shawarma Co. In Lagro Quezon City. It has a unique filipino taste to it. The first time I went there, I thought I was going to an American Idol audition, there was this huge line of people patronizing the place.

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