In less than 24 hours, I will arrive in Bangkok to begin an 8 day backpacking trip. Here’s a quick rundown of our itinerary:

We land pretty late at night and head straight to Khao San Road – the backpacker haven of Bangkok and gateway to the rest of Thailand. Although this street offers plenty of cheap hostels, we’ve opted to book a room in a hotel. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t think twice about sleeping in a room full of bunk beds and sharing a bathroom with 30 of my closest friends, but nowadays it just doesn’t sound so magical. I think that puts me more in the flashpacker category, than a backpacker, but I’m ok with that!

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We’ll spend a couple days exploring the city – the temples, the shopping, and the street food.

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On the third night we’ll hop on an overnight train, which will take us to a ferry, which will take us to the island of Koh Phangan. It’s a bit of a journey, but as you can see it will be worth it!

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If any of this is starting to sound familiar. Yeah, we’re kind of trying to reenact The Beach – aka The Best Movie Ever. We’ll spend five days here and then begin our trek back for our last night in Bangkok. After that, we head home to Manila.

So, we’ve got a basic itinerary and will figure out the rest along the way. A friend shared with me some important Thai words. I found it interesting that you say words differently, depending on if you are a male or female:

  • Kap kun kah (if a girl is saying it) = Thank you  (Kap kun kap if it’s a guy.)
  • Sawasdee (pronounced Sawa-dee) kah (if a girl is saying it) = Hello (Sawasdee kap if a guy is saying it.)
  • Tuk noi (pronounced took noy)  =  Lower the price
  • Taw lai kah (if  a girl is saying it) or Taw lai kap (if it’s a guy) = How much?

Well, I’ve pretty new to the backpacker- ok, flashpacker – thing, so wish me luck on my travels, and I’ll be back online in a little over a week!


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