The Produce Dealer

Welcome to my new weekly post: Monday Moment.

Let’s face it. Mondays aren’t that that great. I hope to brighten up your day with one photo – one story from across the globe that captures a slice of expat life here in the Philippines.

Introducing the produce truck…and the people that ride them:

I was waiting at a stoplight in Manila when this produce truck crossed the intersection. Luckily I had my camera in hand and I snagged a shot. Back in California it’s not unheard of to see a truck hauling a container of garlic or tomatoes. What caught my attention here was the guy in the back, laying down in a bed of bananas with his arms folded behind his head and personal belongings hanging in a hammock above. Part of me thought it doesn’t look too bad back there!

These people come from distant provinces, leaving their families behind to sell produce or other goods in the markets of Manila, Makati, and surrounding cities. I don’t know how much they earn – it can’t be much. I do know that if I worked that hard and traveled that far, I’d kick my feet back and enjoy the ride too!


4 responses to “The Produce Dealer

  1. Interesting. Do you still do this Monday Moment. It gives me a thought of doing a Texas Tuesday and/or a Filipino Friday for my site. I scour the internet and see if I can find something. It might do my site some good.

    • Nope I don’t carry it on. Unfortunately, I don’t have the diligence right now to post on a regular schedule. I tried the “Monday Moment” for a few weeks but found it to be a chore, which takes away the fun of blogging. If I could do it again I’d stack up content so that each Monday all I had to do was hit publish. Anyway, I say you should go for it! I do know that keeping on schedule helps build reader loyalty. I love both of your ideas – very clever!

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