Alcohol: A Girl’s Best Friend

After last week’s infamous-face-plant-fall   (Eek, how embarrassing!) I nursed my emotional wounds with a couple glasses of Boracay Rum.

It’s true – alcohol can be good in certain times. Say, happy hour after a long day at the office. Or Taco Tuesday. Or while curling up on your couch to watch Sex in the City reruns.

Okay, there are a lot of times when alcohol is good.

But here in the Philippines, I must always have alcohol with me…

disinfecting alcohol

Forget red wine and whiskey sours. I’m talking about alcohol that kills germs. The kind that soothes and cools your skin on a hot sweaty day. (And that’s every day.)

The kind you need when, let’s face it – you live in a third world country.

And it comes in many glorious forms – sprays, bottles, wipes, you name it. True, you can find these in any drugstore back home. But five months ago did I find it necessary to have at least one of these within reach at all times? Not at all.

You have no idea how awesome it feels to douse your hands in this stuff after encountering a dingy bathroom. I can still remember the worst bathroom I came across in the States. It was at a Greyhound bus station. In downtown Oakland. ‘Nuff said there.

When I went backpacking in Thailand last month, that Oakland bathroom would have been a treat.

Nowadays, I always carry alcohol wipes in my purse, along with a mini-spray bottle too.  A giant bottle of ethyl alcohol is my favorite desktop accessory. It’s in my car and on my bathroom counter.

Is that a little overboard? Maybe. But while an ice cold Corona is truly one of the greatest things on earth, I never knew – until now – that a tiny alcohol spray bottle can be just as awesome.


4 responses to “Alcohol: A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. haha I swear I’m taking notes from you for (if) I ever get to travel out there….electrical adapters. Check. Alcohol in mass quantities. Check. Do not take rides from the “tour” people. Check. Bring towels from home. Check :P

    • Awesome! Glad my trials and tribulations here can help prevent mishaps for future travelers! ;-) Well, hopefully you pick up a few more lessons for your trip….which you better do!!

    • Haha Wendy you know exactly what I’m talking about. Gosh, I can’t believe how long ago that was. I also can’t believe we were there with no parents….we were just kids, haha!

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