Introducing the Punk Rock Fruit

If it’s not obvious already by the title of my blog, I am a lover of fruit.

Blueberries, plums, apricots, apples….you name it, I’ll eat it. Handfuls! Buckets! I can’t get enough.

Now that I live in a tropical country, I’m spoiled with an unending supply of fruits to explore, and what a fine journey it has been.

Let’s begin with the Rambutan.
It’s pronounced something like Rham-Buh-Tan. (It’s better if you roll the r.)

Fun to say and fun to eat, this delicious treat is even fun to look at…although some might say it’s a little scary…

Philippine Rambutan

Rambutan originates from Malaysia, although it now grows in the Philippines and throughout SE Asia.

Let’s start with its appearance. Now that we know know it comes from Malaysia, you should know that “rambu” in rambutan means “hairy” in Malay. Ah ha!

Philippine Rambutan

As if this fruit isn’t dramatic enough, the coloring is to die for. Hot pink with lime green spines? Can you get more punk than that?

Philippine Rambutan

And this is how it’s eaten. Despite it’s tough looking shell, it’s quite easy to get in there. As you can see I did it with one hand. You grab one and give it a slight squeeze. With its naturally-built-in-seams, it easily splits into two pieces, which practically fall off the fruit, revealing the real star of the show.

Philippine Rambutan

Look familiar? You may have come across lychee in the States. Just like lychee, it has a light, grape-like taste that is refreshing and not too sweet

Now… it does have a pit, so you must tread carefully. But for me, that’s the fun part.

Think of it like a cherry. You just pop it in your mouth, swirl it around a bit, and spit out the pit. It’s not graceful and probably not that pretty, but with spikes and spines like that, who looking for pretty?

Philippine Rambutan

Surprisingly, the rambutan is just as common to find in the Philippines as you’d find an apple in the States. (Actually, I have a hard time finding apples here!)

So, this is your first lesson in the fruits of the Philippines…just like me, you might be a little afraid to try it, but that’s half the fun anyway, right?


2 responses to “Introducing the Punk Rock Fruit

  1. We have rambutan here in Hawaii, too, and I have never tried it (altho I love lychee). Silly me. But now I will. And may I say that your photos, with the creative depth of field, are wonderful.

    • I didn’t know rambutan grows in Hawaii, but that makes sense given that it grows in tropical climates. Yes, please do try it….you can’t eat just one. Promise! :-) And thanks for the photo kudos!

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