Creepy Crawlies

I didn’t know that millipedes can find their way into homes.
That they crawl on ceilings.
That they sometimes lose their grip and fall onto unsuspecting humans.
I do now…


In addition to millipedes, I’ve now met rats, flying cockroaches, lizards, bats, ticks, snails, frogs, different shapes and sizes of spiders, and hermit crabs, just to name a few.

The funny thing is, most encounters occur so randomly, in such every day situations, that they just leave me scratching my head thinking – did that just happen?

Like the time I sat and watched a baby lizard mosey into my my shoe.
Or the time I found a tick hanging out by my bath loofah.
And then there was today, the day a millipede fell from the ceiling onto my hand.

Like me, these little guys were just going about their day. We just happened to cross paths. No big deal, right? (That’s what I keep telling myself.) Flying cockroaches and rats always warrant a good shriek. And the bats are actually kind of cool. As for everything else, I’ve learned to just make room for them.

I never knew I could live in harmony with millipedes and other creepy crawlies.
I do now.

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13 responses to “Creepy Crawlies

  1. Hi Liana!

    This post reminds me of when I lived on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. I feel like every month we were introduced to new critters invading our house; flying cockroaches, snails as big as potatoes, huge ants, geckos, centipedes, millipedes (not sure what they were, but your pic took me right back to them. Enjoy, the country and glad you’re ok after the earthquake!

    • “Invasion” is the right word, haha. I’m sure coming across potato-sized snails was just delightful…eek!! As for the earthquake, yep all is well, and thankfully those in the affected region were okay too.

  2. Another response from Hawaii, where I live. Yes, we have cockroaches, snails, ants, geckos, centipedes and the likes, including a recent addition of coqui frogs, which, I’ve heard from others, are deafening, en masse. When I lived in a house in the central part of Oahu, the huge cockroaches were called B-52s b/c they would dive bomb us, and I dreaded getting them in my hair. Geckos are supposed to be good luck in your house as they eat insects, but they do drop on you on occasion and they make quite a racket at night when you’re trying to sleep. Then there were the gigantic cane spiders; they came in when fields of cane were burned nearby. Now I’m living in an apartment in Honolulu. We still have cockroaches (they get everywhere), and termites to deal with, but much less than when living in the country. Plus, in Hawaii, there are no snakes. Yes, it all does take a bit of getting used to, but it’s amazing how adaptable we are. Excuse me, I have to get my flyswatter out, I think I see a cockroach :)

    • B52 cockroaches….I love it!! That’s such a good name. I have to agree about the frogs too. They are SO loud after it rains. Next time it rains I’m heading outside to record the madness for my blog. As for the snakes, I don’t think I could handle them. Thank goodness they haven’t made their way into our home…yet! Thanks for sharing what it’s like over there. I guess creepy crawlies just come with the territory in tropical regions.

  3. You seem like a very interesting persons Ms. Liana. I think I’m going to enjoyed reading all of your future blogs. Your husband must be a lucky man. 8)

  4. I would be so paranoid if I had to look out for things falling from the ceiling. I used to live in Phoenix, AZ and I was afraid to go into the garage, because it was dark, and when you flicked on the light, there would be big, black scorion type spiders. Plus there was scorions and rattle snakes. I didn’t stay there, I moved.

    • Haha, I don’t blame you for moving. Scorpion type spiders sound pretty terrible! Especially when they surprise you in the dark! Luckily, the bug falling from the ceiling was only a one time occurrence, but creatures do pretty much lurk everywhere else.

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