Baguio: Light and Clouds

Baguio is the City of Smiles.
The City of Pines.
The City of Light and Clouds.
The City in the Sky.


9 responses to “Baguio: Light and Clouds

  1. I have been to Baguio a couple of times and like it both times. It was quite a bit less crowded the first time my wife and I went in 1984 and John Hay was still run by the US. We really enjoyed that, the strawberry farm and the overall experience of being in Baguio. I hope to be able to visit again soon. There is a restaurant there that I want to check out anyway, Mother’s Garden and Cafe.

    • Yes, that seems to be the story with much of the Philippines….that Baguio, Boracay, etc have all become much more crowded than before. Wish I could have seen these places back then! By the way, I will have to check out Mother’s Garden and Cafe. Exploring new restaurants is half the fun of traveling!

  2. Hope you get to check out BenCab Museum while in Baguio. It’s really something, art and nature in perfect harmony. I really want to meet Ben Cabrera the next time I go there. He’s one of the Philippines National Artist for Visual Arts.

    • Hi Rhoda – yes that was on my list but I didn’t get to make it there. Will surely go next time. That’s pretty neat that you can meet the artist….I didn’t know he’s a National Artist. What an honor. Anyway, thanks for the tip and for stopping by!

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    • I LOVE Tame Impala – especially their last album. I’m honored to have that comparison, haha. Didn’t they play at the Laneway festival in Australia? I went to Laneway last year in Singapore – would have loved to go again. Thanks for passing by Mango Mornings!

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