(Wannabe) Beach Bum


These three words don’t go so great together, especially when latched to my sunburned back. Still, it’s a price I willfully accept for the opportunity to get out of the city for a day and visit the beach. And, oh, Philippine beaches are such a delight.

“Sorry, Maldives… We love you, but we’ve got a new flame,” raves a Condé Nast “Top Destinations to Watch in 2013” article.

With nods like that, and more than 7,000 islands to explore, you’d think I’ve become a ravenous beach bum with a sweet tan any California girl would kill for. But I’m not, and I don’t.

The nearest beach is a two hour drive from my home in Metro Manila. My office space limits me from the outside world; even then my morning routine includes a bath of 50 SPF sunblock to protect me from equator-iffiic skin damage. And just like my time prior to moving to the Philippines, daily life includes alarm clocks, snooze buttons, hurried lunches, and traffic woes. So, when I get the chance to blitz out of town, I go.

A favorite destination for us national capital folks is the Batangas province. A few weeks ago I hiked its mountainous territory and enjoyed its vast vistas at near cloud level. I recently returned for some quality time with the sea at Peninsula de Punta Fuego.

Explore the rocks and drift away in my video of Punta Fuego. You can also scroll down for some quick pictures.  A novice at videography, I welcome your constructive feedback, or anything else you’d like to say, in the comments below.

Happy Beach Bumming!


26 responses to “(Wannabe) Beach Bum

  1. You know I don’t have any of those alarm clocks or hurried lunches so maybe I should get off my lazy butt and get out to enjoy the Philippines more. I stay indoors most of the time, but I’m determined to find a way to get out and about.

    • Well, I hear you! Even with my limited time I still feel like I don’t see enough of the Philippines – especially its beaches. What region again do you stay in? Is it Cebu? If could live anywhere in the Philippines, I’d be there!

      • No, not Cebu. I live on Samar in Calbayog City. The beaches here need some improvement, but supposedly they will be doing that soon. A lot of building going on around here, including a couple of malls.

      • Ok got it. Had to google that. I’ve never heard of that area. I see it is in the Visayas region – my favorite so far! And I’m not surprised that they’re building malls here. Even on the top of Baguio there’s an SM. People here sure to love their malls!

      • Brilliant photography Liana! This reminded me of my home town, Cebu. I miss it :( Can’t wait to go back this year and make sure to spend most of the time in the beach.

  2. Loved your video Liana, you’ve got a great “eye” for it! Only surpassed by your writing skills ;-)


    • Thanks Sam – believe it or not, there’s still lots to miss about Orange County too, and working at TSJ! Just trying to make the most of my time here while I can – because indeed, the beaches here are paradise! :)

  3. What an excellent video Liana. I have never been to the Phillipines, however now I feel that I have been to the beach there! I agree with Uncle Garry, you certainly have a talent and an I for photography. Keep it up.

    • Thanks so much – glad that you enjoyed your “trip!” Like I said, this is just one of seemingly limitless beaches…so many more to explore.

  4. Hi Liana, if we are gonna talk about beaches I don’t know if there’s anything else that could beat this group of islands. The Caramoan islands, a real paradise on earth! Enjoy the pictures and slide presentation. http://caramoanislands.com/

    • Hi Rhoda – wow – I must go! As much as I love the fun Boracay offers, my heart longs for remote beaches like this. Last week I went to Sipalay – which is super deserted – just my style! Thanks for sharing this. I’m definitely adding it to my list!

      • Another tidbit about Caramoan that might pique your curiosity is the fact that it’s the location for the famous “Survivor” TV series in the US. Other episodes of franchises of the same TV show worldwide like Israel etc. were also shot there If I’m not mistaken. Well, if you do decide to go visit one day I hope you don’t run into TV crews coz that might ruin the tranquility of the outdoors that you prefer. Another good place to visit is the Ireland of the Philippines – Batanes. Enjoy your stay and live it up.

      • Hi Pancho – sorry for my late reply! I abandoned by blog for awhile! Totally agree. I hope I don’t run into TV crews, or flocks of tourists for that matter. I enjoy the tranquility of totally isolated places. Thanks for the tips!! And Batanes – YES YES YES. I just got back from Pagudpud, which I thought was the most northern tip of the Philippines, and then I heard about that island. So, hopefully will be able to check that out too. Ayyyyye so many places to see!

  5. I love photography as well, been at it since 1985, back in the celluloid days, ha! I just moved from Mactan to Bohol and I’m looking forward to doing some foto-safaris around here.. so much green! Love your photos, you should sell them as wall paper. (idea?) As for any suggestions, can you make the web-text in Black instead of Gray for us old-timers? ha! Would be easier to read. :) I look forward to checking out more of your site.

    • Thanks for the photography kudos. I’m really trying to get out there and get more creative. My next challenge is to photograph more people. Locals, street vendors, etc. As for your feedback about the font color. I never even noticed how gray and difficult to read it can be. Thank you for pointing it out. I’ve got to poke around my settings and see if that’s something I can customize. Cheers and thanks so much for reading.

      • In WordPress, (that I know of) there is no universal setting. However, in your future articles just highlight your text and use the Color option to make sure it gets switched to Black. I had the same problem with mine at first, even with half the article coming out gray when I added more paragraphs. Check in Themes settings, maybe there’s something universal there. (??) But it can be done as you go with each new article.

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