The Perfect Guy

He’s got a big heart. Loyal to those closest to him and friendly to new people that he encounters, he’s an all around happy guy. An outdoorsy type, you’ll find him at the beach or exploring a trail. His hair is a little mussed. He might even have sand between his toes. Or….stuck to his nose and…tongue?

Introducing the perfect guy…your new friend: the beach dog.


From the party shores of Boracay to the distant, nearly uninhabited islands that make up the Philippines, almost every beach has got its resident dog. And this is why they are awesome:

1) They have buddies.


I’ve never been to a beach that has just one dog. Often times they’re in pairs, running in the sand, tumbling in the water, or just basking in the sun. And they’re always happy to add human friends to their posse. Fetch Buddy? Surf Buddy? Drinking Buddy? Game on!

2) They know how to work those puppy dog eyes.

dogs07Sometimes they sit patiently by your side waiting for a treat. But how can you say no to those dewy eyes? That scruff? That tiny nose? Not possible.

3) They can’t resist the urge to come up and say hi.

Sure, maybe sometimes they’re checking if you’ve got, like, a spare steak on hand – but mostly they just want to welcome you to their home and hang out for awhile. Bonus points for photobombs.

4) They are chill.

Ok, so this is not at the beach. There are mountain dogs too. But who lays in the sun, on the side of the hill like this? This guy does. And I want his job.

5) They are the master of their domains.

dogs04Here is another mountain dog. Saber is his name. You can read his story here. He’s only two feet tall, but this is HIS mountain. Make no mistake about that. Just like the beach dog, the mountain dog knows his area inside and out, and he’s happy to show you around, or just sit and enjoy the view of his empire.

6) They get to see sunsets like this.

Every day of their lives.


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind spending more time with one of these perfect guys!


12 responses to “The Perfect Guy

    • Right? They all hold a special place in my heart. And there are many more where I just had to enjoy the moment and not bring out my camera. :-)

  1. Hi Liana, Here on St. Simons Island, GA we love our beach dogs – and many of them look just like your first guy (since the bulldog is the mascot for the university)! :) James and I have also encountered what we call “jog dogs.” They’re neighborhood dogs who tag along to escort you on your walk or jog – very companionable. Then they head home when you’re finished. James even picked up a “jog cat” last week – weird, huh? Great post and photos. ~Terri

    • Oh that’s so neat that your beach has got dogs too. From my experience, you know it’s going to be a chill beach when there’s dogs around. Love that laid back culture. And I LOVE the jog dog haha. I suppose there can be room in my heart for a jog cat haha. Thanks for passing by! ;)

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