Tita Ler Ler

Last night I was texting my American friend, wishing him safe travels as he returned to the States. I also wanted to know how he obtained the proper permits to bring his cat home – in case one day I, too, decide to move home. (I brought my two chihuahuas to the Philippines. Leaving them here? Not gonna happen.)

Me: “I want to know the process, if ever.”
Friend: “IF EVER? That’s so Filipino-ism lol!”
Me: “Bwahaha I know. Transformation complete. Ohmaaaygaaaad!”

You see, “If ever” is a commonly used phrase that I’ve managed to pick up. You might say something like “Oh, I’ll see you at the party next week, if ever” (Translation: I might not go, but if I do, sure, I’ll you there!)

So there. “If ever.” I said it. Correction: I still say it, among other expressions and mixed Tagalog terms. It just comes out now.

“Ayyyye Salamat!”
“Sayang, you should have been there!”
“That’s so GALING!”
“Kawawa! Look at that dog on the side of the road. He’s so skinny!”

Transformation complete indeed.

But the real moment I knew that my integration has completed, was when I wished my younger cousin-in-law a happy birthday.

“Thanks Tita Ler Ler!”

Tita? I’m officially a tita now? (Tita is the term used for those older than you as a sign of respect. Tito if you’re male.)  Oh yeah, and Ler Ler is my nickname. Few people go by their real names here. I don’t know. It’s a thing.

Yes: Transformation Complete
Yes: My blog has been on radio silence since July (Sorry!)

So, here’s a collection of moments from these past few months. I guess you could say these are moments that have led to my transformation. I’ve been traveling, trying new food, and making life-long friends. And, I’m finally being called “Tita Ler Ler.” Welcome home.

1) Safety First
Although sites like this have become totally normal, it’s always fun to snap a shot. If this doesn’t make you smile, you have no soul!
(Photo credit: super kaduper travel buddy, Pam @ http://mrsherbo.wordpress.com/)


2) Pinoy Rock
No matter where in world you happen to be, hands down, a great night = live music, cheap bear, a rowdy crowd and good company.


3) Snack Culture 101
Sure, I miss my In n Out burgers. But I’ve happily replaced them with snacks like cassava chips, mooncake, ube yema, and shrimp kropeck.


4) Tattoo
Oops! I got another tattoo. “Spell my name with lightning” is what it says. Manicures, hair styling, and massages, among other services are ridiculously inexpensive here. The moment struck and it fit the budget, so why not?!

5) Live like the lion
There’s a lot of art on large vehicles. I should take more pictures of them. Buuuuuut, probably not while driving in the rain.


6) Thoughtfulness
Here, McDonalds does not carry Cinnamon Melts. (Blasphemy!) And so my dear friend, who is pilot, flew one in straight from Singapore, just for me. Seriously, heart melted.


7) Beach Dogs
You can read about my ode to beach dogs here. Yeah, I’ve been going to the beach. No, I haven’t been blogging about it. Maybe it will happen one of these days.


8) Mindfulness
Again, no matter where in the world you happen to be planted, you know we are all guilty of chipmunking on our phones during social gatherings. Stop it! STOOOOP IT!!!!


9) Heart Calls
I traveled to a beach in Pagudpud twice in the same month. Pagudpud is the most northern point in the Philippines and it takes about 10 hours to drive there. You like solitude? You’ll find it there. And giant shells too.


10) Happy Happy Joy Joy
This shot was also taken in Pagudpud. I don’t think that many more words are required here.
(Photo credit: super kaduper travel buddy, Pam @ http://mrsherbo.wordpress.com/)


Got Instagram? Follow me here. Though I blog sporadically, I’m super guilty of chipmunking on my phone all day with Instragram. So if you miss me, come and find me. I follow back!


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    • Hahaha – yeah, mostly I’m thinking of how a chipmunk holds an acorn all close to their body, moving around his little fingers, and yes, all hunched over. That pretty much sums it up! ;)

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